Sensy Home

Sensy Home

A Wireless Universal Remote for your living room that magically converts your phone into a Smart Remote

Under high demand. Will ship from 30th Jan 2016.

Free shipping! One free support visit in Bangalore. Phone support for anywhere in India. 1 year replacement warranty.

Just place it anywhere

With 360° infrared(IR) coverage, you can place Sensy Home anywhere in the living room and relish a relaxed TV experience.

Get switching in just a few minutes


Sensy App + Sensy Home

Along with Sensy Home, the Sensy app can change channels on your TV.

Long life with Bluetooth

Sensy Home uses Bluetooth Low Energy to listen to your phone, and then transmits Infrared signals to your TV/STB.


100+ DTH/Cable Operators supported

No need to memorize channel numbers. Automatically updated from the cloud.

Sensy Home

Technical Specifications

Sensy Home


200 feet with 360° degree

Sensy Home

Battery Life

4x (AA) - approx 12 months, more than 1.5 million commands

Sensy Home


Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (LE)

Sensy Home


4x high power IR LED, 20k - 60kHz

Sensy Home


89mm x 89mm x 32mm

Common Questions

What is Sensy Home? Is it a new Set-top Box?

Sensy Home is not a set-top box; it's a small box that you place in your living room, that then allows the Sensy App on your smartphone to control your existing set-top box - hence turning your phone into a smart remote. Technically, it is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to InfraRed (IR) Bridge.

Through the Sensy App, you can browse and discover TV content on any channel in any language across India, through a beautiful, rich, graphical and voice enabled interface. With the help of Sensy Home, you can then switch to a chosen channel directly from within the app, irrespective of the operator (be it Airtel, Tata Sky, Den, whoever).

You never again need to remember a channel number, ever. The Sensy App communicates the required channel number and other information automatically to the Sensy Home via BLE, and Sensy Home in turn blasts the required IR codes with the operator-specific protocols (like your old remote) to control the set-top box.

Which set-top boxes are supported? Should I buy a different Sensy Home for every TV Operator?

Sensy works with practically all InfraRed-operated set-top boxes / operators in India - Airtel DTH, Tata Sky, Videocon (Non RF versions), Dish, Sun Direct, Reliance Big TV, Den, Hathway, In Digital, All Digital, GTPL, FastWay, SCV, ACT etc. One exception are the RF-controlled STBs supplied by Videocon, which we do not support.

If we are missing an operator's STB, let us know at hello@sensara.tv, and we'd be happy to add it. Again, adding STB support is only in the app, no change is required to the Sensy Home device; so it would support newer set-top boxes as well.

The setting of the operator is done on your smartphone in the App, so needless to say, the same Sensy Home works with any STB from any operator.

Do I need Sensy Home to use the Sensy App?

You can use the Sensy App independent of the Sensy Home device. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Play Store. With this you get all the beautiful, rich TV and related content discovery that the app has to offer across all channels and languagues across India. The Sensy Home device helps you further to change channels directly from within the app, thus doing away with your old remote altogether.

If you have a phone with an infrared emitter, you can still change channels from within the app without even needing a Sensy Home. The app automatically recognizes the IR capabilities on your phone and enables the remote features. The following phones are tested for using the in-built IR for remote functions: Samsung S4, S5, S6; HTC One M8, M9, Xiaomi Mi4, Mi5, Redmi Note 3; LG G2, G3, G4; Huawei Honor 7; and many others. Note: This doesn't work on all phones with IR, due to non-standard IR APIs used by the phone manufacturers. For example, the Honor 6 uses non-standard APIs which are not published and hence the Sensy App (or any 3rd party app) cannot use IR on that phone.

How is Sensy Home powered?

Sensy Home runs on 4 AA Batteries. You can leave the device on even when not in active use. We expect the batteries to last close to a year. Oh, and by the way, we ship the device with batteries the first time. Is n't it nice to just switch on and get it to work right away?

Is this like Chromecast?

No. A Chromecast makes your dumb TV smarter - and allows you to 'cast' content from your phone to your TV. Sensy Home makes your dumb set-top box smarter - and allows you to 'command' your set-top box from your phone.

Is this outsourced or made by you?

This is designed and manufactured by Sensara. And very much Made in India, by a team that can speak Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Tulu, Konkani, and even Sanketi. If you think your region is not represented, we are hiring!