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Sensy is personalised to your choice of favourite shows, actors, channels and movies.

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Navigating TV is easy

Find channels and shows, filter by language, genre.

An intelligent traditional remote

Control popular TVs and Set Top Boxes in India

*requires phone with infrared support or sensy remote

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sensy on android sensy on iOS

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Common Questions

Which Android phones are supported?

All Android phones with OS version 4.4 KitKat and higher and have Bluetooth LE are supported. Note: Some old phones from earlier than 2013 may not have BLE support, i.e. the low-energy version of Bluetooth. These phones can't work with Sensy Remote, since we rely upon BLE.

We have successfully tested with many phones, including Moto G 1st gen onwards (that was released in 2013), Samsung Galaxy S3 onwards, Xiaomi Mi3 / Redmi 1 and later, etc.

What about iPhone / Windows / Blackberry support?

iPhone support is on the way. We are Android-first. We have currently no plans of supporting Windows or Blackberry.

Do I need Sensy Remote to use the Sensy App?

You can use the Sensy App independent of the Sensy Remote device. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Play Store. With this you get all the beautiful, rich TV and related content discovery that the app has to offer across all channels and languagues across India. The Sensy Remote device helps you further to change channels directly from within the app, thus doing away with your old remote altogether.

If you have a phone with an infrared emitter, you can still change channels from within the app without even needing a Sensy Remote. The app automatically recognizes the IR capabilities on your phone and enables the remote features. The following phones are tested for using the in-built IR for remote functions: Samsung S4, S5, S6; HTC One M8, M9, Xiaomi Mi4, Mi5, Redmi Note 3; LG G2, G3, G4; Huawei Honor 7; and many others. Note: This doesn't work on all phones with IR, due to non-standard IR APIs used by the phone manufacturers. For example, the Honor 6 uses non-standard APIs which are not published and hence the Sensy App (or any 3rd party app) cannot use IR on that phone.

Do you support youtube casting?.

Yes through the youtube App. Sensy supports deeplinking into youtube. So when you tap on a recommendation video it instantly opens the corresponding youtube video which can be chromecast to your smart TV.

Do you support my Cable Operator?.

We support more than 100+ cable and DTH providers. To find out, install the app. During the on-boarding process you are automatically presented the popular Cable or DTH provider based on your location. You can search if its not-listed.

If you are unable to find support for your cable operator then kindly write to us at [email protected] , We will make immediate effort to support your provider.

Can I use Sensy App to controll TV?.

Yes, We support most popular TVs both smart TV and LED TVs. SOme older televisions may not be supported.